Video Web Wizard 2.0 Review

Posted on 08. May, 2011 by afanley in Reviews

Quick Facts

Product Name: Video Web Wizard 2.0
Standard Price: $67
Reviewer: Aaron
Review Updated: 03rd Oct 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

You can purchase Video Web Wizard 2.0 directly from their web page by clicking here. Please take note that the price listed above may have changed since publishing this review. Purchasing through this link will entitle you to the Video Web Wizard 2.0 purchase bonus.

Publisher’s Description

Want To Put Video On Your Website in 10 Minutes?… Here’s How. Introducing VideoWebWizard 2.0… The Easy Way For You To Start Using & Profiting With Online Video!

  • Download Videos From YouTube – Use videos you’ve already uploaded to YouTube & put them in a more professional video player.
  • Five Brand-New Players – Including two video playlist players, two widescreen players, and one compact player.
  • Multiple Video Conversion – Create video playlists quickly & easily by converting multiple videos at the same time.
  • Thirteen Video Skins Included – Spice up your videos with these “picture frames” for online videos.
  • Web Page Templates – Choose from 50 different web pages, minisites, and video optin templates when converting a video.

User Reviews

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  1. Kerry Pollock May 2011 #
    Hi Keith, I Love it! Very simple and fast. I am a professional entertainer and use video on my website. I am updating all video to flash for obvious reasons. I had previously used the free 30 day trial of Flash from Macromedia but couldn’t bring myself to spending $1000 to just get video up on my website. Your software was actually as easy and fast as you claim, which is odd these days. Thanks for making my life easier.
  2. Lutz Kramer May 2011 #
    Dear Keith, I hope you are fine? I bought VideoWebWizard two days ago. After a short time of 10 minutes I realized the installation and created my first Flash Video! I am not a specialist of english language or video clips but VideoWeb Wizad is very easy to use and it is a powerful tool. Thank you for it! Kind regards,
  3. David Allen May 2011 #
    Hi Keith, I absolutely love your new software. I had some camcorder videos that I was struggling displaying online and in just a few easy steps I had the video converted and a web page ready to upload. I am going to use this on many of my marketing sites but will also use this to create a family video site using videos taken on my cell phone! Top quality Keith!!!

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